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Scooba 380: The Perfect Floor Cleaner

When you purchase the Scooba 380, you’ve got it all made with keeping your floors clean. There are however, some things you have to know about it in order to get the best out of this little piece of technology. Upon reading various reviews about the Scooba 380, you’ll read that while it’s a whiz at cleaning tile, hardwood and linoleum floors, it can fizz out at some moments. For issues with the gizmo leaving pools of water on your floor or even if it doesn’t empty the tank completely, here are a few tricks.

So you have the Scooba 380 doing the floor cleaning job for you. While it’s going around the house, it’s leaving pools of water here and there that can potentially be a hazard. Don’t be quick to get a replacement for your floor cleaner, there just might be something wrong with the set up. You can always try pulling the squeegee on it tight to make sure that it’s completely straight. That usually does the trick with the Scooba 380 and now, it wouldn’t leave wetness that would take more than a little air drying to take care of.

On the issue where your Scooba 380 doesn’t empty its tank completely, there might be a problem with the batteries. It’s an easy problem to solve because you just have to make sure that it’s fully charged before you start cleaning. With a full blast of power on it, it can get your floors spic and span and empty its tank completely without skipping a beat. If you have any questions with using vinegar to clean your floors, you can use this with this gizmo when you’re cleaning hard floors. For marble floors, the cleaning solution and this floor cleaner will work together perfectly. Sure, the Scooba 380 is not perfect but yours might just need a little tweaking.

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