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Scooba 380: The Perfect Floor Cleaner

When you purchase the Scooba 380, you’ve got it all made with keeping your floors clean. There are however, some things you have to know about it in order to get the best out of this little piece of technology. Upon reading various reviews about the Scooba 380, you’ll read that while it’s a whiz at cleaning tile, hardwood and linoleum floors, it can fizz out at some moments. For issues with the gizmo leaving pools of water on your floor or even if it doesn’t empty the tank completely, here are a few tricks.

So you have the Scooba 380 doing the floor cleaning job for you. While it’s going around the house, it’s leaving pools of water here and there that can potentially be a hazard. Don’t be quick to get a replacement for your floor cleaner, there just might be something wrong with the set up. You can always try pulling the squeegee on it tight to make sure that it’s completely straight. That usually does the trick with the Scooba 380 and now, it wouldn’t leave wetness that would take more than a little air drying to take care of.

On the issue where your Scooba 380 doesn’t empty its tank completely, there might be a problem with the batteries. It’s an easy problem to solve because you just have to make sure that it’s fully charged before you start cleaning. With a full blast of power on it, it can get your floors spic and span and empty its tank completely without skipping a beat. If you have any questions with using vinegar to clean your floors, you can use this with this gizmo when you’re cleaning hard floors. For marble floors, the cleaning solution and this floor cleaner will work together perfectly. Sure, the Scooba 380 is not perfect but yours might just need a little tweaking.

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Scooba 350: It’s Goodbye Dirty Floors from Now On

Say goodbye to dirty floors once and for all with the Scooba 350. You never have to get down on your hands and knees again in order to scrub your floors clean with this little gadget around. Much like everything in the world, there are two sides to this gizmo. You can benefit from a lot of pros aside from the fact that you don’t have to work so hard to clean your floors. On the other side of the spectrum, there are still some cons to using the Scooba 350. You’ll only have to try it to see if it works well for you or not.

In terms of the benefits that the Scooba 350 brings to the table, or should we say, the floor, you just turn this robofloor cleaner on and put it on the floor. It’s going to do its job nicely, going this way and that, picking up debris, dirt and anything undesirable on your floor. Another great plus is it works well with vinegar. If you don’t like to use seeming harmful chemical floor cleaners, the Scooba 350 will make do with vinegar and it will leave your floor reasonable dry after its done its job. Did we mention how interesting it is to watch too?

And now for the other side to the Scooba 350. You might be thinking that this gizmo would be okay working on a variety of floor types, wood, laminate wood, tile and so on. It can do very well on flat terrain but then with those little grooves and humps for tiles, it can get stuck while doing its job. If they redesign it to work on various terrains, it’s going to be perfect. Perhaps the fact that you like watching the Scooba 350 doing its work would help.

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Scooba 230: Keeping Your Floors Clean, So You Don’t Have To

Everybody, stand back, the Scooba 230 is at work. Yes, that’s right, it’s that little gizmo that works as a floor cleaner. Coming in the size of a CD, it can scrub your floor clean in a snap. Nooks and crannies are no problem because it can easily swoop through and leave those spots spic and span. As small as a gizmo it is, you can expect that the Scooba 230 isn’t really going to be the next mop but it’s going to try its very hardest to take care of your floors.

Apart from the fact that the Scooba 230 can slip right through the tightest spots where you want to clean the floor, it’s also a very easy gizmo to use. You just have to fill it up, plop it down on the floor and the second you push the clean button, it’s going to scoot and spin around cleaning your floors as it goes. With the built in collision detection, you don’t have to worry about it. If the Scooba 230 meets an obstacle, it’s just going to do a strict 180 and go in the other direction. Tough to reach spots and gross spots are cleaned just like that.

As it was mentioned earlier, the Scooba 230 couldn’t really replace mopping. If you need to get your floors pristine clean, you might have to put a little bit of elbow grease into it. Its kryptonite would be caked dirt and serious grime and even if you use the vacuum function, it can still leave your floor a little bit wet. It’s nothing that a little air drying can’t fix. At the most, this robo-floor cleaner is a complement to mopping. For the cleaning maintenance of your floors, you can rely on this adorable floor cleaner, the Scooba 230.

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The Scooba Floor Cleaning Process

The floors of your home have never been cleaner now that you have Scooba. Looking at the process you have for cleaning your floors, you’re going to thank the heavens and of course iRobot for coming up with such a gadget. When you had to pull out all the stops with cleaning your floors, getting a mop and a heavy bucket of water, Scooba does the cleaning in a few simple steps.

First off, Scooba picks up the loose dirt and debris that’s on the surface of your floors. Remember when you had to do a little bit of sweeping before mopping to ensure that your floors are thoroughly clean? You don’t have to do that anymore and just put Scooba on the floor. The next step for this little gizmo is it lays some cleaning solution and water on the floor. If you think you have to do the scrubbing, you can take a load off. This gadget is built in with specialized brushes that do the job. Spills and grime is no match for these brushes.

The last step in the floor cleaning process with Scooba commences dirty water on your floor is lifted up. With the regular mopping process, you might be slopping on and spreading dirty water around your home. This is never the case with the robot floor cleaner. With all the processes done in one sweep, there’s no reason for the machine to go back to the same area again. When one section of your floor is clean now, soon your whole floor is going to be spotless. It’s ready for walking without the least bit of effort from you. So go ahead and spend the day the way you like because the chore of floor cleaning is right on the docket for Scooba.

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iRobot: Cleaning Your Home Here, There, Everywhere

Ever wish that you can have a robot to do the most tedious household chores for you? You can open your eyes now because your wish has come true with iRobot. For chores like floor washing, vacuum cleaning, pool cleaning and gutter cleaning, you can trust that iRobot will have just the gizmo to complete those chores. You no longer have to use up your time and exert too much effort in maintaining the cleanliness of your home. Plop the little gizmos where you need the work done and you can go about your day as you please. It’s more time for the best things in life.

When it comes to floor washing, iRobot presents you with a wide range of choices. Take your pick from the 200 series or the 300 series. With a small gadget that is no bigger than a compact disc, it can get around the toughest places around your floor and clean those gross spots. Let’s say that you’re cleaning your floor in the bathroom. The floor washers from iRobot move around this way and that to clean your floor. If it runs into an obstacle like that small space under the toilet tank, it will just slip through and clean the area out.

If it’s a vacuuming task that you have to do, iRobot sends out the Roomba to help you. Again, with a myriad of choices in the 500 and the 700 series, you can pick out the one that matches your needs the best. Even if it’s an everyday task for you to vacuum your floors free of pet hair, dust, dirt and other debris, it would never be difficult with this little robot vacuum cleaner. Large areas of floor, tight spaces, under and around furniture, cleaning has never been so easy with iRobot.

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New Scooba is coming!

iRobot will soon be releasing a brand new Scooba! The name will either be the Scooba 200, the Mini Scooba, or the Scooba Jr! It is very small, easy to use and maintain. Many more details coming soon!

Update: iRobot announced the new scooba as the Scooba 230!

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