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The Scooba Floor Cleaning Process

The floors of your home have never been cleaner now that you have Scooba. Looking at the process you have for cleaning your floors, you’re going to thank the heavens and of course iRobot for coming up with such a gadget. When you had to pull out all the stops with cleaning your floors, getting a mop and a heavy bucket of water, Scooba does the cleaning in a few simple steps.

First off, Scooba picks up the loose dirt and debris that’s on the surface of your floors. Remember when you had to do a little bit of sweeping before mopping to ensure that your floors are thoroughly clean? You don’t have to do that anymore and just put Scooba on the floor. The next step for this little gizmo is it lays some cleaning solution and water on the floor. If you think you have to do the scrubbing, you can take a load off. This gadget is built in with specialized brushes that do the job. Spills and grime is no match for these brushes.

The last step in the floor cleaning process with Scooba commences dirty water on your floor is lifted up. With the regular mopping process, you might be slopping on and spreading dirty water around your home. This is never the case with the robot floor cleaner. With all the processes done in one sweep, there’s no reason for the machine to go back to the same area again. When one section of your floor is clean now, soon your whole floor is going to be spotless. It’s ready for walking without the least bit of effort from you. So go ahead and spend the day the way you like because the chore of floor cleaning is right on the docket for Scooba.

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